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We turn ideas into exciting products which people love and use.

inspired by nature + sports


Your outdoor sports companion.

The gym is not your favorite? If you love outdoor sports as much as we do, turn mother nature into our beloved outdoor gym. Track your biking, hiking, snowboarding and skiing activities with GPS, and participate in exciting challenges with friends. Get rewarded for your performances with stickers, lift tickets, free drinks, and much more! See your track in our online community, and share your experience with your friends. Grab your backpack, get your bike ready, wax your ski and snowboard, and see you on the trails and slopes!

Feel users' passion to ski 2.3 billion metres in altitude until today with MAPtoSNOW. Our users have already skiied the distance equivalent to 3 round trips to the moon.

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The next mountain is always the hardest - but not with MAPtoHIKE! Find out why a user hiked 10.000 km -- more than the height of Mt. Everest -- in 5 months with us.

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You just enjoy biking, and MAPtoBIKE does everything else for you. Understand how our users helped to save 18.2 tons CO2 within 6 months -- more than saving 100,000 km of driving on the streets.

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Europe's leading gamified outdoor tracking experience since 2011.

With the world going social, engagement marketing is the next frontier of brand marketing! Enrich the experience of your guests by highlighting the beauty of your hiking and biking trails, reward your guests for riding the newest slope, invite your loyal customers to a sport challenge. Leveraging our know-how in Gamification and Location Based Services, we generate customer insights for your business. Data-driven interaction campaigns allow you to reach your customers and engage with your audience.

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Lean Innovation Services

We help you to develop products and business models with value.

The development of technologies is increasing exponentially and as a consequence, the society and the economy are changing simultaneously. We are shaping a new era of digital technologies which have the power to change markets within months. These forces require every business to invent new models to ensure their survival and growth. As entrepreneurs, we have established a cutting edge innovation process which is derived from the lean startup movement. By infusing our Startup DNA into your
organization, MapCase will help you innovate faster by providing entrepreneurial management and development skills.

What we offer

Innovation Process Consulting

Lean Startup toolset & processes

Agile Product Development

Mobile & Web UI & UX,  Frontend & Backend Development

Marketing Campaign Consulting

Campaign Prototyping, Management & Reporting

It starts with an idea.

You've got a great idea, or you need to re-invent your business - we
help you understand what your customers really want!


Introduce the Startup DNA into your organization.

We equip your team with skills for an Entrepreneur - the lean startup tools and processes will give the whole innovation process rocket speed.


Build, Measure, Learn.

We never stop testing the real value of your business idea and maximise satisfaction.


Products come to life.

We transform your idea into real mobile apps, websites or technologies which are loved by your customers.


Hit the market successfully.

Even an outstanding product creates value only when users get in touch with your innovation - let us launch a Rock'n Roll Go-to-market campaign.

MapCase Mountaineers

Together we brave every storm and conquer the peaks.

Starting in 2010 the founders Bastian, Dominik and Andreas grew an amazing team of professionals and partners to pursue this wonderful journey of disrupting markets with their digital innovations. Today,
this team has climbed and moved one of the tech worlds highest mountains. Backed in the early stage by the European Space Agency (ESA), and the EXIST Business Start-up Grant, funded in growth stage by Venture Capitalists and accelerated by the German Accelerator in the Silicon Valley, the team has built sustainable experience as entrepreneurs and innovation leaders. Work with us and understand what makes our team so strong.

Live your dreams.

Don't dream your life, live your dream - this is what we have determined for us as entrepreneurs every day in business and private lives. We have the vision to move or climb a mountain, be assured we will do it.

Team up.

Brazil has Neymar, Argentina has Messi, Portugal has Ronaldo, and
Germany has a team. The team won the world cup. We strongly believe, "Together Everyone Achieves More"!

Train harder.

We are athletes, and every day we give our best to become better. As there is no shortcut to success, be willing to train as hard as how great your dreams are.

Peak Performance.

You don't climb a mountain without a team.  You don't climb a mountain without being fit. You don't climb a mountain without being prepared.  If we climb or build something exciting, we never compromise on quality.


You feel like we can move or climb mountains together? Then get in touch.

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